Biomedical engineering services (BME)

Keep your surgery running smoothly

Medical technology is a major investment for every practice and your equipment needs to be maintained and serviced properly to keep it running seamlessly and safely.

Cadre Health Solutions has teamed up with a group of first-class biomedical engineers you can trust, including equipment servicing, preventative maintenance and repairs. Instead of using multiple services, let us set a maintenance schedule for you to ensure your equipment and assets remain in top working condition.

Cadre offers a wide range of biomedical engineering services

Servicing and preventative maintenance

Preventative and corrective maintenance

Cadre is there for you when your capital equipment needs servicing and preventative maintenance. Our fast and comprehensive inspections catch issues before they arise and ensure your equipment is performing at its best.

Annual testing and tagging

Gas and electrical safety testing

Our specialised electrical (test and tag) services for medical equipment go beyond the standard electrical safety tests to certify that your devices are safe and secure to handle. We also test and service your gas lines and fittings.

Broken down anaesthetic equipment

Broken down? We can help with corrective maintenance

If your equipment needs repairs or has stopped working altogether, the experienced team at Cadre will assess the damage and either fix your equipment or source a replacement swiftly.

A turnkey surgical solution for your practice

Cadre handles everything from pre-operative screening to post anaesthesia care, so you can concentrate on providing quality treatment and care.
Pre-anaesthetic screening

Pre‑anaesthetic screening

Cadre’s talented healthcare professionals can provide pre-anaesthetic screening services, reducing anaesthetist’s administrative burden.
Inventory Management

Inventory management

If you need help with your anaesthetic supplies, let us source quality inventory at affordable prices.

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